There are things here...

There are things here...

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DESIGN: The Coffee-Making Alarm Clock

We need this because reasons. This one’s for the coffee drinkers amongst you - British designer Joshua Renouf has come up with a coffee making alarm clock which can wake you up with a fresh cup of joe.

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Oh my god can we have this?

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Anonymous asked: What is the biggest thing you've had in your ass?


An average dick….. I dont make it a point to stretch my ass out tremendously because I find stretched assholes to be quite disgusting

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chasing not chastened


one squirrel chasing another
the staccato scamper
parsed by pauses
each waiting for the other
to move
my heart is punctuated
pause beats pause
waiting for you
breath held
for you
to chase you
through the grass
hot sun liquid on our skin
to hold you
neath the stars
falling into the dark
falling into the heat
the hunt and the hunger
the chase never chastened
the want for the wanton
the wonder
in the stars